How Can Your School Measure Student Learning?

It is every school administrators’ goal to ensure their school ranks among the top in the city or country. This is possible when the teaching quality is top notch; after all, each parent wants their child to excel academically and in extracurricular activities. However, since what each student grasps is strictly cognitive, it is essential to evaluate and measure student learning to determine the apt way forward. Now, since hybrid learning is the new normal, online proctoring solutions like uLearn greatly assist educators. Let us take a look at different ways that schools can measure student learning: 

  1. Open-ended Questions 
    Essay type questions are designed so that students can write long answers. They encourage students to think out of the box and help teachers get an insight into each candidate’s thought process. This is because they urge students to analyze and solve problems that the question presents them with in their own way. Examples of such questions are: What can you infer from x? What are the pros and cons of x? Suggest an alternative for x.
  2. Interviews 
    In-person or online interviews are the best way to understand how much of the taught concepts a student has grasped. Teachers need to form questions based on the topics covered and ask them in a manner that encourages critical thinking. In case the interview is not in-person, a remote online proctoring tool can ensure that students answer the questions in a fair manner, i.e., without cheating. 
  3. Fun Activities 
    Moving away from the traditional methods of student evaluation, game-type activities ensure students have fun while learning and while being evaluated. Not only do they encourage students to actively participate but also help learn and remember newly taught things since they are associated with something fun. An online exam proctoring software can help if this is not done in-person.
  4. Minute Paper 
    True to its name, a minute paper consists of 1 or 2 questions that a student can and should answer within a minute. The questions must be phrased in a manner that make students write the first thing that comes to their mind. They are usually about the most important things covered in the curriculum taught, and help teachers determine whether or not students have identified the essentials of each chapter.
  5. Polls 
    Polls are a great way to know your students’ opinions about something or how well they have grasped concepts that you have taught. By giving them similar options for answers, you can understand how much they have learnt since it is more than likely to confuse them. If done online, you can use tools like Socrative, iClicker or PollEverywhere, and use online proctoring solutions to ensure there is no cheating.  

Now that you know how to measure student learning, the next step is assessing their answers. This will give you an insight into how much of what you have taught they have actually understood. To verify that they have taken the test fairly, you can use the recording feature on an online exam proctoring software like uLearn and check. There are many more benefits of using a remote online proctoring software like uLearn – scroll down to know more.  

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