How Can An Online Proctoring Tool Like uLearn Deter Students From Using Chatgpt In Exams?

Every student aims to get good grades in their tests and exams. This helps them inch closer to the top of the class, in addition to getting into a college of their choice. While many children choose to do this the fair way, some resort to unscrupulous methods just for a few extra marks. Back in the day when assessments were taken in pen and paper, a human invigilator could prevent these situations. However, after the pandemic, with hybrid learning becoming the new norm, many tests are conducted online, thereby making it easier for students to cheat.  

The latest trick up their sleeve is Chat GPT – a chatbot tool by OpenAI that can respond to queries like humans would. It went viral just a couple of weeks ago for being able to help students seamlessly complete their exam satisfactorily, and well within time. The most mind-boggling part – it provided answers to short questions as well as readymade essays within 20 minutes! It has perplexed school teachers and the administration team as they are unable to gather whether it is a student behind the answers of the paper or a chatbot. This is where university proctoring services like uLearn can help. Scroll down to know more about its features and learn how: 

  1. Secure Browsing 
    Computers today can be loaded with a host of browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and more, unlike the (good) old days which just had an Internet Explorer. It is because of this that students can cheat easily; surfing the internet to get answers via a browser other than the one used for giving the exam could help them get away. However, online proctoring services for university helps invigilators monitor a student’s screen throughout the course of the exam, thereby preventing or minimizing cheating.
  2. AI based Automated Warnings 
    Technology in remote proctoring services for university is so cutting-edge today that it can detect students compromising on fairness in exams in a jiffy. uLearn, for instance, sends out an automated warning after its in-built AI detects an instance of a student even trying to cheat. This, in turn, reduces or removes the need for a human invigilator and lets them give their undivided attention only where required.
  3. Block Copy Paste and Other Keyboard Shortcuts 
    Shortcuts – the motivation behind students trying to cheat. They could study the entire syllabus or type it out completely, but if there is a quicker way that takes less effort, it is worth a try. We at uLearn understand this and hence, have designed our online proctoring services for university with a shortcut blocking algorithm. This includes the most popular copy paste shortcuts like Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.
  4. Video and Audio Recordings 
    It is essential for teachers, the administration department, and invigilators to be sure that there are no unfair practices taking place in an examination. This is why university proctoring services like uLearn record audio and video of each student. However, this is done ONLY during the examination; not before or after, thereby ensuring complete student privacy.  

Now that you know how remote proctoring services for university like uLearn can prevent students from cheating using tools like Chat GPT, we are sure you are keen to know more about this tool. Not to worry, we have got you covered. 

uLearn – Top University Proctoring Services For Online Exams

ULearn provides secure and non-invasive online proctoring services for university all across the globe. To quantify the same, we are trusted by 15,000 + schools and 6,000 + teachers – our app has been tried and tested to prevent cheating. In addition to the above industry-leading features, uLearn: 

  1. Can easily integrate with your LMS 
  2. Accommodates both online as well as in-person learning 
  3. Reduces the overall cost of conducting exams 
  4. Ensures no invigilator can control a students’ system 
  5. Encrypts each candidates’ data 

To jump onto the bandwagon of our remote proctoring services for university, email us on or give us a ring on 1800 209 8366. Let us make giving exams a fair process for students and a stress-free one for teachers.  

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