Future Trends And Innovations In Online Proctoring Software For Higher Education

“Change is the only constant.”  

If there is anything that history has taught us, it is that humans adapt and innovate in times of need. Take the pandemic for instance – classrooms became virtual, online courses became a thing, and even exams were taken from the comfort of everyone’s homes thanks to remote proctoring for higher education. These things were possible only because of the rapid technological advancements in the 21st century, and while certain developments may just be temporary trends today, others are expected to become permanent fixtures in the educational landscape. Let us see how institutes can be aware of future trends that online proctoring for higher education like uLearn has in store:  

  1. Advanced AI-Based Monitoring
    Every student aims to get the best possible marks in exams for the betterment of their future. While some play fair and square, others can resort to malpractice to achieve their goals. However, with online proctored exams for higher education, AI helps identify suspicious behavior like picking up background noise, indicating the use of barred objects or reading material, and eye movement detection, among other things. A video recording of students will be taken during the exam and automated alerts will be sent to teachers in case of cheating.
  2. Enhanced Privacy and Data Security
    Students today are worried about what happens to their data – and rightly so. However, with online test proctoring for higher education like uLearn, teachers can rest assured that student and test data is encrypted end-to-end. What’s more is that the software does not intrude into any student’s personal environment, thereby ensuring complete privacy throughout the tenure of the exam. 
  3. Advanced Candidate Authentication  
    It is essential for each teacher to know that the student enrolled for an exam is the one actually giving it. Luckily, remote proctoring for higher education tools like uLearn offer various features that effectively ensure the authenticity of the exam-taker. These features include facial recognition, pattern recognition, behavior identification, device verification, location tracking, and other relevant data, which collectively authenticates that the correct candidate is participating in the examination. 
  4. Live Interaction
    Online proctoring for higher education tools like uLearn offers students and teachers the benefit of live interaction despite everyone being located remotely. This means that if a student faces any difficulty during the course of the exam, they can get in touch with the invigilator and get clarity on whatever the issue.   

While these are just a few future trends that are here to stay, you can expect a host of new and exciting features from uLearn in the coming years! Keen to know more? We have got you covered.  

ULearn – Online Test Proctoring for Higher Education  

uLearn is a state-of-the-art tool for online proctored exams for higher education. The founders and team have studied the needs of higher education and K12 institutions to design a software that takes care of the most common and critical issues faced by exam givers today. It is now trusted by the likes of Ohio Wesleyan University, Yardstick International College, University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) and many others. To know more about what we have in store and how we can partner, write to us on info@ulearn.io or give us a ring on +91 22 6198 7676 and speak to an expert.   

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