Why Conducting Exams Online Might Be A Better Option

Education is becoming widely available every day and It is no longer restricted to the four walls of a classroom and a blackboard. The demand and use of remote examinations is growing but due to their remote nature, the credibility of such exams comes into question. For this, it is recommended to use online proctoring solutions to maintain the integrity of such exams. uLearn is the perfect tool for conducting online examinations that record student activities with the help of live AI monitoring. There are several advantages of online examinations versus paper-based exams.

  • Smart Exam Management

The testing procedure is more flexible and secure for an online exam. Once all the questions have been uploaded into the system, the online proctoring software can shuffle and assign questions to various students in different orders. This reduces the possibility of cheating. However, this is not viable for a paper-based test since the paper cannot be printed individually for each student, leaving room for malpractice.

  • Quick Result Processing

The outcomes of an online exam are determined promptly and precisely. Along with giving accurate results the proctoring software for online exams also flags and records cheating activities that occur during the examination. There are many processes required in a paper-based examination, which causes the paper assessment process to take a long time while being prone to human errors.

  • Eliminate Examination Centers

The exam under online proctoring software can be taken remotely. All the test-taker needs is a computer/laptop with a webcam and a microphone. Remote online proctoring is a means of administering exams. When an exam is held remotely, hundreds of thousands of students can take the test without having to pay for travel or lodging. This also eliminates the need to schedule tests across many exam centers, hire invigilators, secure these centers, and so on. Institutions may administer online tests anywhere, at any time, using uLearn’s online proctoring software.

  • Lower Logistical Costs

The logistical cost for an online exam is minimal. Technology is used to handle the examination process. It is useful when you want to administer the exam to several applicants in different places. Because the processing of the results is also done online, the logistical cost is kept to a minimum. The cost of a paper-based test is significant since many issues such as exam locations, employing invigilators, and so on must be addressed.

Proctoring Software for Online Exams has its own perks and benefits. Along with the integrity of exams, uLearn’s cost-effective solution is designed to also improve the efficiency of the examination process.

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