Introducing A Proctoring Solution To Your Institute

Digital learning has risen tremendously in the last several years, as has the demand for a live proctoring tool to conduct online proctored tests. Online proctoring software such as are developed to assure test integrity and that no cheating occurs for any distant online tests. Following are the options for conducting their remote online proctored test.

Live Online Proctoring – In this form of proctoring a human invigilator observes the entire exam while test takers appear for it. Any suspicious behavior, such as using study materials/notes, unwanted website activity, facial motions to use mobile phones, and so on, will be flagged by the live proctoring software. The report of this action is transmitted straight to the person in control, who may then utilize the chat option to warn the test-taker.

Recorded Proctoring – As the name implies, when this option is selected on uLearn’s dashboard, a complete recording of all candidates is preserved and a report for the same is made available. The report sent to the faculty includes a list of applicants and the number of actions against which they were flagged. The faculty can then refer to the audio and video clips that were captured in the live proctoring software to confirm the students’ activity.

AI-powered Automated Proctoring – The AI-based procedure automates the whole testing process, and its powerful algorithm identifies even the smallest suspicious activity throughout the examination. Real-time audio and video surveillance are in place to prevent any cheating during the tests with uLearn’s live proctoring tool.

Things to look for in a Proctoring Software

Many educational institutions are still unaware of online proctoring, so selecting the best live proctoring software may be difficult. The industry is becoming increasingly crowded as the need for such services grows rapidly. So, how do you go about selecting the best remote proctoring software? There are certain characteristics that you should be on the lookout for, such as the ones listed below:

System of intelligent proctoring – The most significant aspect of remote proctoring software is the assurance that remotely proctored tests are done honestly. The program should aid in the administration of safe and cheat-proof tests. Having a secure online browser window, limiting screen switching, and blocking mouse right clicks are some of the important features to guarantee that students do not cheat during the test.

Improved data security – Live proctoring software should be non-intrusive and protect students’ privacy at all times. The end-to-end data encryption software in uLearn makes sure that no personal information is at risk for either the test-taker or the faculty.

Scalability – Regardless of the number of students taking the exam at the same time, the remotely proctored exam should operate well. The software should be adaptable to the demands of the students and should be capable of administering tests to as many students as feasible at the same time.

Live proctoring software is fairly new in the educational sector’s digitization. There is no going back once you start reaping the benefits of remote online proctoring software as this will most likely be a one-time expense, it is recommended that you invest in a premium remote proctoring program with sophisticated AI capabilities, such as the one given by uLearn, to ensure that you will never have to worry about administering examinations again.

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