Online Proctoring VS Traditional Proctoring- Which Might Be Better For Education?

Whether it is assessing a student in school, college, or university, the standard method has been to gauge them via a test or examination, giving the teacher an idea of how competitive each candidate is. However, this is valid only if the test is taken in a fair manner. Secure online proctoring for education is of essence to get this right; alternatively, traditional proctoring works well too. While some educational institutions may prefer the former, others could choose the latter. This article will help you decide whether remote proctoring for online testing is better for your school, or you should stick to traditional proctoring.  

What is Online Proctoring? 

Online proctoring or remote proctoring for education is when an app or software is used to monitor students that are taking an exam. The tool makes use of a computer’s in-built camera and microphone to do so. A human invigilator can oversee this entire process as a backup.  

What is Traditional Proctoring? 

When students sit to give an exam in-person and are monitored by a human invigilator in the classroom, it is called traditional proctoring. Their core responsibility is to ensure that the exam is completed in a fair manner without any cheating.  

Since you now know the basics about remote proctoring services for online proctored exams and traditional proctoring, let us compare the two to see which one is the best for education: 

  1. Cost and Resources
    Online Proctoring: Remote proctoring techniques for education center are generally more cost-effective and resource extensive as compared to their traditional counterparts.
    Traditional Proctoring: This is a costlier and resource intensive option as a school must hire an invigilator, rent a location, and provide exam materials, among other things.
  2. Security 
    Online Proctoring: Advanced technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning enable remote proctoring for online testing to be a secure platform. Video and audio recordings can enable the institute to cross-check after the test, if required.
    Traditional Proctoring: In this method, the invigilator must personally check the identification documents to verify that the correct person is taking the exam. They must be vigilant throughout the course of the exam to ensure there is no cheating.
  3. Flexibility 
    Online Proctoring: A major benefit of remote proctoring services for online proctored exams is that it is done online and hence can be taken remotely from any part of the country.
    Traditional Proctoring: Here, the examiner and candidates are bound by time and location which may not be viable every time.
  4. Privacy 
    Online Proctoring: There is a reason that secure online proctoring for education is termed that way – it ensures complete student privacy without meddling in their personal space. The tool works only during the course of the exam.
    Traditional Proctoring: Since there is a human invigilator involved, maintaining total student privacy is more difficult than remote proctoring for education.
  5. Scalability 
    Online Proctoring: Remote proctoring techniques for education centers are a very scalable model since it works on technology and can be accessed throughout the globe.
    Traditional Proctoring: Since there is the need for a human to be present at the right location and time, scalability is limited.  

As you can see, online proctoring is a much more sustainable model for education and hence should be considered by educational institutes across the globe. But which tool should you consider? 

uLearn – Vigilant, Secure, and Non-Invasive Online Proctoring 

uLearn is a cutting-edge online proctoring tool designed for educational institutes all across the globe. It is a cost-effective, AI-driven tool that: 

  1. Ensures student privacy 
  2. Easily integrates with your LMS 
  3. Focuses on data security 
  4. Does not meddle with any system 
  5. Provides automated warnings in case it detects cheating 

Since it is one tool with so many benefits, institutions across the world have entrusted us. They include the likes of Fisk University, Johnson College, Yardstick International College, and more. To learn about uLearn, send us an email on You can also give us a call on 1800 209 8366 to speak to an expert who will give you more details on how we can benefit your institution.

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