Solving Concerns In Digital Education With Online Exam Proctoring Software

Distance or Remote Learning is something that has gained popularity in recent years. This is due to the bundle of benefits that it brings along. The primary goal for this form of education is to provide accessibility, flexibility and reduce overheads. Teachers and students alike prefer it due to its ease of use, convenience and accessibility.

The appeal of digital education is definitely out there, but there are several difficulties and downsides that come along with it. Students and Parents who are on the receiving end of this form of education are the ones that usually have their minds clouded with concerns. A huge majority of these concerns circle around the quality of education and its outcome as compared to the traditional method of learning. The lack of motivation and practical approach to education coupled with no direct supervision towards exams or tests is what worries everyone. As cheating becomes easier without any direct invigilation, the outcome of such degree becomes questionable.

Thanks to remote exam proctoring software like uLearn, these concerns are no longer a roadblock to distance education. The primary and only job of such remote exam proctoring software is to put a stop to any and all cheating activities during tests and exams carried out from a remote location without any human invigilation. The one task performed by such online remote proctoring software, directly or indirectly solves all concerns for distance education.

With uLearn’s remote exam proctoring software in place, cheating of any kind is flagged and a warning for the same is sent to the faculty and student at the same time. Given a scenario with online remote proctoring software invigilating the exam, there can be two outcomes, 1. The student genuinely appears for the exam or 2. Get flagged and marked for cheating. A positive outcome is what every student desires from their course. With cheating out of the picture the only way to successfully achieve this is by genuinely studying and putting in efforts to score good grades.

uLearn’s remote exam proctoring software is equipped with cutting edge AI that is designed to detect any audio or video misconduct, ensuring the outcome of such exams is real and at the same time putting trust back into distance learning.

Get your hands on the most cost effective online remote proctoring software that acts vigilantly yet in a not-intrusive manner, so as to ensure data security and privacy. Get in touch with one of our experts and request a FREE demo at or call us at +91 22 6198 7676

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