Quality Customer Service – A Must Have For An Effective Proctoring Software

An organization gets customers by providing them with some value. This may be by providing an industry-leading product or exceptional service. While the former can be variable, the latter ensures that a business acquires new clients and retains existing ones with minimal expenditure. In this technological era, softwares are inundated with artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, such technology must be designed to incorporate the human element too. This is imperative especially when people need human help; for example, in proctoring tool for online exams. In this article, we will take you through reasons that customer service is essential for an exam proctoring tool. 

To start with, let us see the pillars of good customer service: 

  1. Speed
    Speed of customer service is the amount of time it takes a team to fulfil a client’s request – not just the time it takes to respond to them. This is based on a few factors such as product knowledge, communication skills, and a CRM that they know how to use. The faster a business is in fulfilling a client’s request, the higher their chances of retaining that customer and gaining some referrals.
  2. Problem Solving
    It is imperative for the employees of a business to be completely customer-centric. This includes knowing their customers and the product or service provided to them. The customer service team then defines the customer pain points, start addressing them by building customer personas, and then use data to solve each problem – primary, secondary, and behavioural. This way, each solution is tailored according to customer pain points.
  3. Availability 
    Customers today interact with businesses round the clock and hence, they expect to be able to contact customer support whenever they need, on whatever device they are comfortable, and wherever they want. It is imperative for a business to have their customer service representatives available to each client at any time as it will directly impact their bottom line.  

In today’s day and age, technology has complimented, if not substituted customer support with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Chatbots have become increasingly popular. However, human to human customer service is imperative – this is applicable to even cutting-edge online proctoring tool. Let us see who this can benefit and how: 

  1. Test Takers or Candidates 
    A proctoring tool for online exams is a relatively new way of giving tests and hence, many candidates might not know how to use it correctly. Keeping in mind that giving an exam is an already stressful activity, students might need help setting up their profile, have basic troubleshooting issues, or even something pertaining to a learning disability, human customer support can work wonders in resolving various problems.
  2. Invigilators and Faculty 
    An exam proctoring tool is used by invigilators and faculty to monitor students while giving exams. They, like students, can also face some technical issues which need to be addressed. In addition, many candidates can approach the faculty with queries that can be rerouted to the online proctoring tool customer support team.  

A personal, human to human connection is the best way that an online proctoring software can solve a student or faculty person’s query. However, not all brands provide such service, so a school’s administration team must make the right choice. But which one? 

uLearn – India’s leading Proctoring Tool for online exams 

If you are looking at a secure, non-invasive, and customer-centric online proctoring tool, uLearn is the one. Not only do we assure you of cheat-proof tests while ensuring candidate privacy but also integrate with your LMS easily and have a customer support team available 24/7. uLearn can assist you with the help of a chatbot or customer service representative – whatever you are more comfortable with. To know more about our state-of-the-art proctoring tool and industry-leading customer centricity, send us an email on info@ulearn.io. If you prefer speaking to someone on the phone, we are just a call away on 1800 209 8366.  

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