Why is Online Proctoring not an ad hoc requirement but an ongoing need?

Online Proctoring has had its foothold in the market for a long time. Although in recent years the importance of remote online proctoring has grown immensely, the reason for which we all know. Since the pandemic hit the world, a majority of the everyday activities were carried out remotely to maintain the social distancing norms. And with the onset of this, the on-premise education and examination also experienced an online shift. Schools, colleges, and universities began to carry out their lectures, assignments, and tests in the virtual space.

With the sudden shift of managing everyday tasks online, educational institutes were on the lookout for software and tools that would assist them in maintaining the authenticity of online learning and imparting the same level of knowledge. Also, with remote education in place, there was a lack of no direct supervision or invigilation for tests and assessments, which lead to an increased level of cheating. The credibility of e-learning and online exams was deteriorating. As the need for online education grew, thus grew the demand for software such as online proctoring for college exams and school exams.

So how did remote online proctoring solutions like uLearn help institutes carry out cheat-proof tests? With unmonitored e-learning, examiners used a variety of non-permitted tools that aided them through exams. Online proctoring solutions were designed to stop these activities. The AI-powered proctoring software instantly flags, records, and informs any and all suspicious activities that a test taker might try to attempt. So, what all activities can the remote online proctoring solution detect?

  1. Use of any unauthorized web page or tool on the test-taking device.
  2. Use of any additional notes during the examination.
  3. Face and Voice detection of any unregistered person in the test environment.
  4. Use of Tablet/Mobile phone during the examination.

The use of Online proctoring for college exams and school exams has helped to ensure the credibility of the exams and their outcome. But is there really a need for such a solution once education returns back to normal? In the past two years, the trend and demand for online learning have grown to a huge extent. This is due to its flexibility, accessibility, and cost-effective nature. At the same time, it has proven to be a big help for educational institutes as well. The AI-based automated proctoring solution is equipped to detect cheating for several thousand students at the same time and keep video and audio records of the same. Such might not be the case with human proctors. Not only does it eliminate access to such recordings but also might not be as efficient in accurately overseeing a large number of students. Along with this it reduces the costs of assessment centers, on-site proctors, and automates the examination process.

The demand for online proctoring solutions like uLearn has grown immensely over the past few years and is forecasted to keep growing in the coming years due to its supportive nature of Hybrid learning. A majority of all education institutions are said to adopt AI-based education technology to curb cheating activities and create a fair learning environment.

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