Using Proctoring Softwares To Conduct Performance Assessment Tests

Companies put in a lot of time and effort in the hiring and training process. Hence testing an employee’s skills and evaluating their contributions to the company becomes crucial, which is why performance assessment tests are carried out. These tests are conducted in order to review and evaluate employee performance and productivity at work. By conducting such assessments, employee skills can be assessed and can also help in highlighting the areas that need improvement. But with the world taking the digital route, these tests are conducted online and employees make efforts in different ways to cheat in these tests, to get the best possible results. The outcome of such assessments are not accurate. In order to maintain the integrity of these assessments remote online proctored exams may be the solution for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below.


Using Proctoring Softwares to Face Challenges in Conducting Online Assessment tests:-

  1. Proxy test taker– There are high chances of the employee appointing a proxy to appear for the test on their behalf. Online proctoring softwares acts as an invigilator here, as it enables a feature to validate candidate authentication through identity verification. To verify the identity, the employee will be asked to upload an ID card. The system will then match the candidate’s face in real time against the ID card using uLearn smart AI video monitoring. This makes it possible to verify that the employee to whom the test was assigned has given the test.
  2. Test cheating– While giving performance assessment tests, employees find different ways to cheat. To prevent employee performance from being impacted, online proctoring systems restrict them from opening multiple sites or browsers or opening any other files on the computer. Audio and video recording and reporting along with blocking keyboard shortcuts like copy and paste are among the several things that the software does to prevent cheating.
  3. A large number of test takers– In case the number of employees taking the test is very large, the invigilator finds it difficult to monitor each and every test taker. But with an online proctoring solution like uLearn, a huge number of test takers can be easily monitored through speech detection. It becomes easy for the human proctor to manage a large number of test takers through such proctoring softwares, as they will be instantly alerted through warnings to the smallest misconduct that the employee is attempting to make while appearing for the test.
  4. Employees missing the tests– Another challenge faced while conducting performance assessment tests are that employees sometimes miss out on these tests due to their busy work schedule, in such circumstances uLearn’s online proctoring software allows to create, schedule, and send test reminders to individuals appearing for the test. 

Hence, administering remote online proctored exams is the solution as it eliminates any difficulties that arise while conducting these performance assessment tests. Many companies utilize and rely on proctoring softwares like uLearn to maintain and preserve test integrity and conduct cheat-proof tests so that employee performance is not affected in any way.

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