Step By Step Guide For Hiring Employees Using A Proctoring Software

It is essential for a company to hire the best employees – after all, they are the people that will propel the business towards its goal. To do so, most brands have a human resources department that specializes in these activities. The process, however, is a tedious one as they have to do everything from identifying candidates to screening them followed by a series of interviews and finally a test. The process goes as follows: 

  1. Determining the job or candidate requirement 
  2. Writing the job description, specifications, and other relevant information 
  3. Strategizing how you can get the right candidate 
  4. Ascertaining the different platforms to search and promote the required job description 

While this was all done in-person before 2020, the pandemic changed things drastically. Companies now make use of cutting-edge online exam proctoring software to help them select the ideal candidates. If you, too, are looking at using a proctoring software for online exams pertaining to hiring candidates, given below is a step by step guide on how it can help you: 

  1. Identity Verification 
    Today, there are many avenues to find candidates and job boards are the most popular. However, with 1,000’s of people out there, it is imperative to use a job scraping tool to get the right ones. Once you do, a proctoring software for secure online exam can help you verify the candidate’s identity if you are undertaking the hiring process remotely. This will ensure you hire the right person with the exact skill set needed.
  2. No Limit on Test Takers 
    Unlike an in-person recruitment test, an online exam proctoring software will enable a business like yours to let a vast number of candidates apply and take the exam. Not only will this get potential candidates kick-started with remote working but also help build a location-agnostic workforce – something that is essential in today’s day. This way, you can focus on the candidate’s actual skill set rather than just their resume.
  3. Unbiased and Secure Evaluation 
    When you use a proctoring software for online exams, it ensures that each candidate is evaluated securely and in an unbiased manner. It uses a secure browser coupled with AI-based vigilance for maximum security, live streams the candidate’s screen only during the exam, and blocks copy paste shortcuts so you – the recruiter – knows full well which candidate deserves a place in your company after retrieving the results. 

It is a proven fact that a proctoring software for secure online exam benefits companies hiring candidates in multiple ways. Now that you know how, we are sure you will start your research on which one to opt for – let us give you a head start.  

uLearn – India’s Leading Proctoring Software for Online Exams 

More often than not, companies like to stick to their tried and tested method of hiring – unless, of course, the new one can be implemented in a hassle-free way. At uLearn, that is exactly what we kept in mind while designing the software. It is flexible, easy to use, 100% customizable as per your requirements, feature rich, and cost-effective. This is how we at uLearn enable you to hire the top talent in your industry, across countries! To start this journey, send us an email on or call us on 1800 209 8366 to see what other ways we can help you. 

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