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Everyone likes being competitive, especially during exams. While some students study hard the entire year to achieve this, others choose what they believe is a simpler option – cheating. This is nothing new and has been going on since the inception of exams. However, this gives them an unfair advantage over those who do not cheat and hence, must be prevented. While invigilators helped do this within a classroom, a proctoring technology suite minimizes cheating practices during online exams.  

What? Did you think that students would not cheat just because they are giving exams online? Scroll down to find out the numerous ways in which this happens. 

  1. Using a parallelly installed operating system 
  2. Copying data from an inserted USB drive 
  3. Misusing easy access to the internet 
  4. Impersonation before and during the exam 
  5. Getting help from other people present in the room 
  6. Seek help remotely with real-time screen sharing 
  7. Fitting sophisticated microphones and earpieces 
  8. Clicking pictures of questions on the screen and sharing them 

Making online exam free from cheating is of essence to keep each student on a level playing field, and making use of a proctoring software in higher education can help with this. However, there are many such tools available in the market today which is why you should go with the leader in online proctoring – uLearn. More on why below. 

Smart AI Monitoring 
The uLearn proctoring technology suite is built with AI and ML to minimize online cheating. The webcam and microphone are constantly being analyzed to see if the student is trying to cheat. The invigilator is intimated in case an unfamiliar activity or voice is detected so they can take the necessary action.

Audio and Video Recordings 
In the unlikely event that the smart AI is not able to detect a case of online cheating, invigilators have the option of accessing audio and video recordings of each student during the exams. This can help them check if there was a case of cheating. In other instances, if an invigilator is unsure about something, they can double check with this feature.

Immobilize the Copy Paste Functionality 
Copy pasting answers is the quickest and easiest hack that students can make use of, which is why our proctoring software in higher education has been designed to immobilize these functions. It then sends a warning message to the candidate and notifies the invigilator so he or she can take the necessary action.

Live Streaming the Candidate’s Screen 
Another reason why uLearn is the leader in online proctoring is because it enables live streaming of a candidate’s computer screen. However, this is only for the duration of the exam to ensure complete privacy. At the same time, it ensures that the invigilator cannot take control of any student’s system so they are at ease while giving the exam.

Browser Lock 
Each operating system has multiple browsers that one can install and while giving an online exam, sky is the limit to what a candidate can access via the internet. This is why uLearn has a smart feature called browser lock – it sends a notification to the invigilator as soon as a candidate deviates from his or her exam browser, thereby minimizing the chances of cheating. 


If you are a teacher or member of a school administration board, we are sure you are keen on incorporating an online proctoring tool, and uLearn is the way to go. So, what next? 

Contact Us to make Online Exams Free from Cheating! 

Maintaining the integrity of an exam is essential for every student, which is why the school teachers and administration must take a step forward in the right direction. With uLearn, you do just that. Our software ensures you have cheat-proof exams, integrates easily with your LMS, and offers end-to-end data security in a cost-effective manner. What’s more – 15,000 + schools, 15 lac + students, and 60,000 + teachers trust our online proctoring tool! For more information, send us an email on You can also call us on 1800 209 8366 to understand from our expert about how we can help. 

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