Are Online Proctoring solutions still relevant after schools have reopened?


Initially, the pandemic had forced educational institutions to adopt to online mode of learning and live proctoring solutions to continue their academic curriculum. Now, in the current academic session schools and colleges are transitioning back to a physical or hybrid mode of learning which raises the question that are online proctoring solutions still relevant?

Let us see how the demand for live proctoring software will never go down in fact it is the solution of the future:

  1. Offline invigilation is no more credible

Offline invigilation puts a burden on a single person to manage a pool of test-takers at the same time. Also, the human eye is not like the AI that can detect every suspicious movement. On top of that physical examination increases the overall cost of conducting exams, the traveling time of both the students and instructors is wasted. Live proctoring solutions for online exams make all these processes effortless for administrators.

  1. Education becomes accessible for all

Online learning allows every student to have access to learning irrespective of any situation or location. Online learning and proctoring platforms help in making this possible. Live proctoring software like is also available on various devices such as PCs, laptops, Chromebooks, and MacBooks. This made it possible for students to carry on their education even during the pandemic.

  1. Set the seal on test integrity

Identity verification, biometric authentication, and a basket of other features offered by live proctoring solutions for online exams help in preventing test takers to get into any cheating activities thus ensuring the credibility of the course. Cheating during exams is a major problem faced by institutions all over, and online proctoring solutions solve this problem once and for all with their robust technology

  1. Prepared for contingency

By using online methods of learning educational institutes can not only carry on their academic goals during pandemic times but be prepared for any kind of situation. Irrespective of students opting for online learning or hybrid learning, by using online proctoring solutions they can always continue with their learning. There will also be no need for institutes also to switch to different tools each time as one solution will be enough to cater to all.

A solution that is so versatile can never lose out its relevancy. The demand for live proctoring software like will only increase in the future. The convenience and accessibility that it has brought along have made this tool a permanent part of every educator’s and student’s life.

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