3 Different ways in which uLearn’s Online Proctoring takes place

Digital learning has grown immensely over the past couple of years and along with them has grown the demand for proctoring solutions to conduct online proctored exams. Online proctoring softwares like uLerarn.io are designed to ensure the test integrity is maintained and no cheating takes place for any remote online exams.

So how does an online proctored exam work? uLearn’s proctoring solution is equipped with AI technology that detects even the smallest form of misconduct and records it for further reporting. Audio and video monitoring are in place to provide real-time data and create a cheat-proof environment. With uLearn.io, institutes can choose from the following option for conducting their remote online proctored exam.

Live Online Proctoring – Under this form of Online Proctored Exam a human invigilator monitors the entire examination while candidates are appearing for the exams with the aid of audio and video feeds. uLearn’s Proctoring software will flag any suspicious activity such as the use of study materials/notes, unwanted browser activity, facial movements to use mobile phones, etc. The report of this activity is sent directly to the person in charge who can then use the chat option to send warnings to the concerned candidate. The human proctor is also given the authority to end the exams for candidates against whom multiple cheating activity is reported.

Recorded Proctoring – As the name suggests upon choosing this option of remote online proctoring a complete recording of all the candidates is stored and a report for the same is made available. The report provided to the faculty contains a list of candidates with the number of activities for which each of them was flagged for. They can then refer to the audio and video clip that was recorded for the entire duration of the exam and verify the candidates’ wrongdoings.

AI-based Automated Proctoring– This is the most advanced way to conduct an online proctored exam that is backed up by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The AI-based process automates the whole examination process and its advanced algorithm detects the smallest suspicious activity that might occur during the examination. Real-time audio and video monitoring is in place to avoid any cheating activity that happens during the exams. Another benefit of this form of Proctoring is that it eliminates the need for any human proctor making it highly scalable and efficient.


Now that we know enough about how online proctored exams work, institutes can select from the different options and select their preferred way to conduct online proctored exams. Fair evaluation is a growing concern for many educators, but uLearn.io ensures the integrity of all the tests while respecting the privacy and security of everyone. Join some of the leading institutions that trust uLearn.io and schedule a Free Demo with our experts.

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